Which Social Media is Most Famous for Sharing The Content In 2022?

Social Media is an Integral part of our life now. Every day, millions of us share our stories/pictures on social media and feel happy when people connect and engage with us. Based on the same engagement, social media platforms offer a great place for marketing.

Social Media Platforms are great for content marketing. If you own a business or want to establish yourself as an influencer, you can use the help of different social media platforms.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are some top-of-the-line platforms where you can share your content. But before you share your content on any media, you need to understand which platform is suitable for what type of content.

In this article, we will talk about different social media platforms and which of them are suitable for sharing content.



Facebook has been around for a long time. It has been the largest social media platform for quite some time now. At least 2 billion people use Facebook every month. According to statistics, 36.9% of the global population uses Facebook every day.

Also, advertisers have more than 7 million advertisements on Facebook. So, if you want to have social media exposure, Facebook is a good place to start. Facebook lets you share different types of content. It is great for sharing written content. You can share images and videos both as Facebook posts and on stories.

You can create a personal account and share your content. But if you are doing it for a business creating a Facebook page is even better. Facebook pages will help you reach out to more people; you can also use their boost post option to reach more people.



Formerly known musically, TikTok is one of the best platforms for short video content. Suppose you are planning to start your social media channel with video content. It is a new platform, but it is still thriving as a social media content platform.

You can create short video content of 15 seconds to 60 seconds on TikTok. It has a huge catalog of sound effects, video effects, and music snippet filters to enhance the quality of your video content.

There are videos of different interest areas. You can see lip syncs, dances, singing, different challenges, drawing, crafts, movie scenes, and so much. You can make DIY tricks and tips and make-up tutorials.

If you are targeting a specific age group for marketing any product or service, then TikTok is a great place for you. The users are usually aged between 10 to 30 years. It is a great platform for targeting the young demographic people.



Twitter is a good platform, and it is a hashtag-based platform. Different topics related to entertainment, sports, and political trend on Twitter. Unlike other platforms, Twitter is based on real-time information and emphasizes what is trending at the moment.

Many brands use Twitter as an optional customer service channel. A whopping 80% of customer services get requested on Twitter. If you love new trends and want to share what’s trending, then Twitter is the best platform to share your content. Many businesses use Twitter for marketing and raising brand awareness.



Instagram is great for product marketing. If you want to use social media for marketing products, then Instagram offers a reliable medium for content marketing. You can showcase your product pictures on Instagram and attract your targeted audience.

You can also share video content. Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not let you share any written posts. But you can write captions with an image. It’s either an image or a video post.

You can post different types of Instagram content. For instance, you can share photos, videos, reels, stories, live videos, and IGTV if you want to share longer forms of videos. Instagram is great for brand marketing. As a brand, you can create a business profile. A business profile shows you the analytics of your posts. You can schedule your post with third-party tools and use most of your audience’s engagement.



When it comes to a professional social media platform, LinkedIn is on the top. Although it started as a search engine for job seekers and worked as a resume site, LinkedIn is a global professional platform. LinkedIn has 250 million monthly active users.

CEOs of different businesses, industry experts, employers, and employees are part of LinkedIn. It is the best platform for sharing content related to different professional fields. Employers and employees can also build their professional network on LinkedIn Marketing Tips .

If you want to grow a business, search for jobs, and are looking for B2-B business connections, then LinkedIn is perfect for you.



Snapchat, like Instagram, is also a video and photo-based platform. You can share snaps with your friends. Snapchat has monthly 500+ million users. 332 million users daily use Snapchat. Most the Snapchat users are teenagers.

Product bases businesses targeting a young demographic audience will find Snapchat really helpful. Most of the users look for and find a brand on Snapchat. 54.4% of users on Snapchat are female. So, if you are a brand targeting a female audience, you can use Snapchat to its full potential.

According to predictions, the global advertising revenue on Snapchat is going to reach $2.62 billion. You can start creating content on Snapchat if your targeted audience is on Snapchat.


Final Words

Different social media platforms have different types of users and different sets of audiences. Before sharing our content on any of them, you must understand what type of content you make. Once you understand that and have an idea of where your targeted audiences are, you can start sharing on social media.