Adani Group Demonstrates Resilience with New Dollar Bond Offering

Adani Group Demonstrates Resilience with New Dollar Bond Offering

Last year, Hindenburg Report Adani was released by a short selling firm that accused the Adani Group of wrong-doings. This had negatively impacted the investor confidence. However, Adani Group came out clear in its dealings. In fact, the Supreme Court asked SEBI to speed up its investigations into the matter and close the matter within three months. This led to signs of a resurgence in market confidence. In response, Adani Group began issuing a bond for $409 million in its first dollar note.

Following the U.S. short seller’s accusations, which the Adani Group has strongly denied, and the subsequent sharp drop in the stock and bond prices of the companies in its consortium, this would act as a much-needed boost for Adani. It would also allay fears that it may encounter substantial expenses when attempting to raise funds abroad with the issuance of the security.

According to an unnamed source, the solar energy division of the company, Adani Green Energy Ltd., and associated entities are offering the 18-year bond with an initial price range of 7.125%. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, the source asked to remain anonymous.


Adani’s Resilience: Overcoming Controversy with Successful Bond Issuance

Last year, Adani raised more capital from investors including GQG Partners LLC, which increased the value of its shares after a renegotiating of $3.5 billion in debt that had been used to finance the acquisition of cement manufacturers.

This new bond reportedly had over $1 billion in order books by Monday (4th March 2024) noon in Asia, according to the source.

Lakshmanan R., Head of South and Southeast Asia corporates at CreditSights said, “We anticipate strong interest in the publication.” The borrower was not warned that they would “be required to pay an additional amount to increase the bond.”

A January Bloomberg story said that after the historic meltdown, a number of the world’s top asset managers, including Neuberger Berman Group LLC, bought dollar bonds issued by Adani. This is a good development post Hindenburg Report Adani which had led to low investor confidence.

The bond sale revenues will be used to repay the $500 million in notes that are due in December. The refinancing risk has been reduced, according to Fitch Ratings. They said on February 27 that the new notes are lengthier and more formal. The issuing group in India manages this solar power asset. According to the assessor, the new notes are expected to have a higher rating than the debt they are replacing, which is BBB-.


Issuers of Dollar Bonds and Their Influences:

The Adani Group persisted with the dollar bond offering, notwithstanding the report’s recommendations and the fallout from it. There were probably a lot of variables that went into this decision:

  • Diversifying Funding Sources:

Foreign capital markets diversify the Adani Group’s financing sources outside local markets, which may reduce its vulnerability to regional economic instability or regulatory changes.

The multinational may broaden its investor base, including institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, and global asset managers, by selling dollar bonds, which would boost its liquidity and financial flexibility.


  • Reducing Capital Outlay:

With interest rates at historic lows in many developed nations, the dollar bond offering might provide the Adani Group with attractive funding at this time.

By issuing bonds denominated in U.S. dollars, the global corporation can sidestep the increased interest rates and reduced stability of the local debt market.


  • Demonstrating Power and Confidence:

Despite the controversy surrounding the Hindenburg Report Adani, the Adani Group’s decision to proceed with the dollar bond offering demonstrates its self-assurance in the company’s foundation, future development prospects, and ability to manage immediate challenges.

The conglomerate’s commitment to appropriate risk management, good corporate governance, and financial transparency will be shown via its marketing of the bond offering, which will reinforce the trust of investors.



As a last step in its journey to navigate the complexities of global financial markets, restore investor confidence, and create sustainable development—all in the wake of the Hindenburg report—the Adani Group is now marketing its dollar bond issuance. The conglomerate’s ability to adapt, develop value over time, and survive through changing financial circumstances is shown by its strategic decision to seek funding from outside sources despite continuous issues and uncertainties. By keeping a close eye on developments, weighing risks, and considering opportunities, stakeholders will influence Adani Group’s financial strategy and future business trajectory as the bond issuance process unfolds.

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