What is Guest Posting in SEO?

Do you want to know what are the benefits of doing guest post in SEO, then this post is for you, In this post you will get all answers of your every questions related to Guest post. As we know that in today, people keep adopting new tricks to get traffic to their blog or website. So that they can earn money from blogging. Guest post is one of these by which you can also earn extra money.

What is Guest posting/Guest Blogging?

To increase the referral traffic on your website, increase your website domain authority, create high quality of backlinks and to build a good relationship with other bloggers, so that they can publish your post on their website is called Guest Blogging.


How to Make Money From Guest Posting?

If you have a website with good traffic and High DA & PA, then you can earn lots of money from your website. If anyone likes your website and he is interested to publish a article on your website, then you charge from it to publish his article on your website. Charging amount will be from $5 to $500 according to your website traffic and DA, PA, DR. If he interested to put his website link in your existing post, then you can also charge for it and it will called link insert.

If your website is new and your have has no traffic, then first you need to increase organic traffic on your website. You have to also increase your website domain authority and you can do it by creating high quality of backlinks. Referral traffic is very important, because it gives you direct traffic on your website.