What is the Impact of Anchor Texts and Strategies to Use

What is the Impact of Anchor Texts and Strategies to Use

Anchor texts are often overlooked in SEO strategy. The reason is that they do not directly contribute to rankings unlike other factors such as website content, backlinks, and keywords. However, anchor texts still play a major role in ranking your page on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). It is important for webmasters to know how the types of anchor texts work and how they impact their site’s ability to rank well on SERP. But first, let’s know all about the anchor texts!

What are Anchor Texts?

Anchor texts are the text that appears as a clickable link on Google SERPs. These are often found below each search result or even in the page’s meta description. They help users identify what is being searched, which results they should click to get more information about certain topics and pages of interest on the web.


What do Anchor Texts Do?

Google uses anchor text to help determine what a page is about. The most commonly used words in the anchor texts are bold and underlined on SERPs, indicating that they should be clicked immediately upon seeing them appear below each search result. Since this factor is based primarily on user behaviour, webmasters must know how users read and click on different kinds of anchor texts.


What are the Different Kinds of Anchor Texts?

Clickable text or links on SERPs can be categorized into three main types: branded & generic.

  • Branded type is when you include your business name in an external link to increase brand awareness among online users.
  • Generic anchors are more specific than that since they refer directly to a product or service to help users find what they are looking for.
  • Naked links, on the other hand, have no anchor texts at all. They only indicate that a link is pointing towards your site but do not give any information about its content or topic so it can be difficult for Google to determine if you are trying to manipulate their search engine results pages.


The Impact of Anchor Texts on Google Ranking

Many webmasters and SEO analysts believe that the more anchor texts a page have, the higher its potential to rank on SERPs. This is not always true as Google does not actually count the total number of links pointing towards your site in their ranking algorithm. Instead, they focus on other factors such as website content, backlinks from reputable websites with high page rank, and keywords.

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Anchor texts are often used by webmasters to promote their sites on third-party websites such as forums or comment sections of other blogs. These kinds of links help increase the overall authority of your website in Google’s eyes since they come from external sources with high domain ratings.

According to the SEO specialized team of Project Backlinks, Anchor texts are important in link-building strategies. All links pointing towards your site should be relevant to the content of the page it is linking to, so you can get more clicks and higher click-through rates (CTR). This factor has a significant impact on how well your website ranks compared to other sites with similar content.


Strategies for Using Anchor Text to Attract More Traffic:

Here are some examples of different types of anchor texts that webmasters can use to attract more organic traffic and have a positive impact on its ranking:

  1. A link with the keyword you want your page to rank for in its title tag. This is like putting a billboard advertisement on top of every search result, which will surely bring people’s attention and interest in clicking it! For example, if you are selling cookbooks on your site and want to rank for the “organic cooking” keyword, then it would be advisable to place the anchor text as “organic cookbooks”.
  2. A link with a long tail key phrase that is relevant to the content of your page. It should appear in this format: [Your page’s title] + “long-tail key phrase.” For example, if your cookbook is about organic dishes and has a recipe for banana bread, then you can use this kind of anchor text: “organic banana bread recipes”
  3. A link with the name or brand of your website. This helps users determine if they are on the right page or not. For example, you can use this anchor text “My Healthy Recipes” to let your users know that you have recipes related to healthy cooking!
  4. A link with no keywords at all. This is simply an indication of trustworthiness and reputation for websites. Google usually prefers links without keywords because they are not manipulated by webmasters.
  5. A link with a product or service keyword in the anchor text. This strategy is often used to get more sales from people who click on your links, but it’s important to remember that Google will penalize you for doing this if they determine that users did not find what they were looking for on your site.

These are just some of the many kinds of anchor texts that you can use to attract more people who will click on them and eventually land on your website. More people clicking, resulting in more traffic and therefore better rankings!


Conclusion: Ending Note

When it comes to anchor texts, webmasters should always keep in mind that they are just one of the many factors Google uses to determine what a page is all about so there’s no need for you to place too much emphasis on them alone. Always write your website content with the user’s needs and preferences in mind so you can rank higher and get more traffic from SERPs. Just remember that there is no universal rule in SEO, so it’s important for webmasters to experiment with different types until they discover what works best for their sites.

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