Things to Consider While Doing SEO in 2023

SEO is a short form for search engine optimization but we optimize the website to appear on main keywords on search engines. SEO analysts or Search engine optimizers make your website SEO friendly and ensure that your website is getting daily organic visit from the search engines. Here are some points that need to be considered while doing SEO for any website in 2023.

  • Unnecessary keyword stuffing in content:- Few bloggers use this technique for ranking the same blogs on multiple keywords. However, Google has already started updating the new algorithm for its bot for crawling any website. This helps the Google bot to identify whether the content has keyword stuffing or it is good enough to rank on specific keywords or sets of keywords.
  • Putting irrelevant links on content or blogs:- Links are considered to be great referrers. There are two types of links namely do-follow and no-follow. The concept of the no-follow backlinks is now gone. If we do not put any rel attribute it by default takes do follow attribute.
  • Making bad backlinks that pass no link juice and have high spam scores:- Search engines always punish if they detect that we are making bad backlinks for our website. Taking backlinks for those sites that have high spam scores can result in losing the ranks on ranked keywords.
  • Using copied matter:- If you are using a copied matter then it is not going to rank at all. Google now accepts the DMCA complaints not only for copied texts of articles but also the multimedia files. Hence we should avoid coping with matters from other sites as a good practice.
  • Voice search optimization:- Optimization for voice search is said voice search optimization. The voice search algorithm is different from the normal SEO technique. Here we are focused more on the visual content, audio content, or other media files that can be related to voice search apart from the text.
  • HTTPS enabled in website: – When we purchase a domain we do not purchase the SSL which is considered safe for browsing and making payments online. SSL makes the website secure from any potential risk.
  • Meta title and description are filled with keywords:- Google is smart enough to identify the category of the content you have written. Hence any type of misleading information can result in spamming and hence should be avoided.
  • Listing on Google business by fake email address: – Now Google business is more reliable because it does not allow you to make business profile easily. It will send you code at your business address when you put that code only then you can list your business.

Conclusion:- On-page and off-page techniques that we use in 2023. Every second Google updates its algorithm for its bot and makes it smarter. Hence the above-mentioned points must be considered while doing SEO for any website. The design should be lightweight, faster to load with the high performance of page speed, codes should be optimized and minimized using HTML minifies or Gzip compression, images should be optimized with the alt attribute.

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