Top 10 Websites for Finding Freelance Jobs in the UK

What is Freelance?

Freelance, freelance workers, or freelancers are associated with the self-employed person who provides online marketing services and is not committed to the employer for a long time. They are representing by a company or an agency that offers freelance services to the clients; some work independently and some by professional websites.

Freelancing works in music, website development, graphic design, video and film production, illustration, and many more. According to the top branding agency in the UK, freelancing is one of the ideal jobs in 2021, with various benefits that differ by gender, industry, and lifestyle.


Importance of Freelancing

Freelancing is a challenging job, but it brings freedom, independence, and reliability as freelancing is a top job with many benefits. Here are a few of the benefit listed below:

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  • You are independent; you are your boss. It eliminates the need to work for a freak or aggressive Manager.
  • Many people hate Monday morning, as they are not ready for the week, but you can skip working on Monday morning as a freelancer.
  • You have the liability for choosing your working hours, depending upon your schedule and daily life routine.
  • You can work from home remotely, eliminates the need for an office or working with a group.
  • Freelancing provides higher earning potential, and with recommendations, you can leverage more clients.
  • The most amazing thing about freelancing is that you can get benefit from working longer hours.
  • Freelancing is one of the modes that build your confidence to face challenges and problems.
  • Freelancing is a roller coaster ride with many complexities, but it gives invaluable lessons and learning experiences. 


Top 10 Websites for Freelance Jobs in the UK

Freelancing is one of the preferable jobs in 2021 with many advantages; choosing the work that fits you and work in your space, still finding a freelance job is not an easy task, but several websites provide job opportunities to the freelancers. Here is the list of 10 top-notch UK based websites for finding freelance jobs:

1- Freelance Alliance

Freelance Alliance is a UK-based website that provides online marketing services of design works, including website design, SEO copywriting, and logo design for creative freelancers. Freelance alliance is considered one of the best websites that offer flex jobs, remote jobs, and other positions eliminating difficulties for clients and freelancers. For applying, there is a registration process for UK-based freelancers.

2- People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour is one of the high-rated websites that have a streamlined process that brings designers and clients together. The process begins with the client submits the copy of the information for their project, which passes through the artificial intelligence, which analyzes the designer accordingly. The PeoplePerHour provides service in every possible field, including computer programming, web designs, graphic designing, etc.

3- YunoJuno

YunoJuno is a UK-based platform whose mission is “The Future Of Work” for the companies and brand; they are one of the top listed websites from designers to marketers; according to your capabilities, you can find a job in YunoJuno. YunoJuno is an excellent place for freelancers to look for job opportunities as they provide reliable clients and guarantee to give payment within 14 days. It is one of the best websites that offer online marketing services and worked with top-listed companies like Marvel, Netflix, Google, and many more.

4- Working Not Working

If you find a freelance job in UK-based, Working Not Working is your destination; they are one of the best websites that offers online marketing services in every designing field. According to the survey, 0ver 2000 innovative and leading companies staff their work not working as they take their job very seriously by using techniques and skills to empower their careers.

5- 99 Designs

99designs reside in the UK, and it’s an excellent freelancing website for startups and small businesses that connects clients to the designers and designer visibility to build trust and work together. Similarly, 99designs is a massive community of designers for customer satisfaction and needs, and to achieve that, they are always hiring creative and new individuals to work. It is one of the best places for job opportunities if you are finding freelancing jobs.

  • Critical features of 99design:
  • 99designs works for customer satisfaction and provides a moneyback Guarantee.
  • They have talented and hardworking staff and a dedicated Manager.
  • Total Final Design Copyright Ownership.
  • Even the work on short notice and provide immediate Access to Professional Designers. 
  • a vast selection of professionally crafted graphic designs

6- DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is a freelance marketplace with a wide range of job listings; to clients, they offer crowdsourcing for the work according to their needs and demands, and they hold a lot of categories to provide their client. It tends to be one of the top 10 websites for freelancing.

7- Angellist

Angellist is one of the trending websites that cover everything happening around. They offer high-quality work and professionalism; that’s why it is considered one of the best markets and incubator for the startup. Alongside they have a job listing too of freelancers.

8- Upwork

Upwork is one of the top and biggest UK-based websites. According to a survey, Upwork is the largest global freelancing website that offers 70 categories to clients for their work and has a wide range of job opportunities. Many organizations and companies tend to work with Upwork; if you find a freelancing job, Upwork is the best to impact your career and give a lucrative salary positively.

9- Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best to start your career and business as it is best for small businesses and startups. One of the top-notch websites offers several online marketing services in designing and writing, such as illustrating web designing, graphic designing, and the list goes on.

Key features:

  • Fiverr provide multi-Currency Support.
  • It is a Private Communication Platform to secure information and data for security purposes.
  • Provide different Custom Offers to leverage clients.
  • Fiverr is a leading website that offers Multi-Category Jobs.
  • Secure Payment Gateways to ensure security.
  • Freelance Marketplace.
  • Fiverr have the best Seller Rating and positive Feedback.

10- Worksome

Worksome is a UK-based eCommerce website development platform for freelance jobs. They keep their work at high quality and professionalism; if you are looking for a freelance career, don’t miss Worksome.

Key features:

  • Great platform with proper projects 
  • Offers low bidding to get an assignment. 
  • Supportive and responsive for better user experience
  • Secure Payment Gateways to ensure security.
  • Freelance Marketplace.
  • Total Final Design Copyright Ownership.
  • Even the work on short notice and provide immediate Access to Professional Designers. 
  • A massive selection of professionally crafted graphic designs.


Freelancing is one of the best jobs in 2021 as it offers a high range of careers, and this list will help you find freelance jobs in the UK based, according to your skills and knowledge.