How Social Media Is Helping Students?

How social media Is Helping Students?

Social media platforms are networking platforms where people can interact and connect with each other anytime, anywhere. Social media has captured a lot of attention in the past few years. Nowadays, it is easy to use because everyone has a smartphone.

According to the research, over 58.2% of people have accounts on any of the social media sites. Social media service or SM plays a vital role in our daily life. However, we have a common perception that students waste a lot of time on social media. Anyway, it is helping students.


How Social Media Is Helping Students:

Social media has ruled all other websites. It has the power to attract or fascinate the masses. It is not only for entertainment purposes, but somehow, it has been helping students in various ways. It is the side hustle ideas to enhance your actions.

Actually, social media is a part of education technology or EdTech. It gives the scope to every EdTech to showcase their service. Social media services also promote Unicorn (the king of EdTech) that how many students are enrolled and getting success after completing the courses from their institute.

Not only education but students are getting smart to smarter by using SM. I am going to discuss the top 5 ways of helping via social networking sites:

1. Learning Becomes E-Learning:

The first benefits that students get from SM are learning and making networks. In this era, the way of learning is exceeding beyond classrooms. Where online learning is getting popular on every eLearning website. Students can do their classes by using education technology and can discuss their questions, learnings, and doubts by using numerous social media channels like Udemy, Biju’s, YouTube, etc.

Also, social media aware students more of events and activities happening around them. Additionally, they can even gain knowledge about Sudoku, Olympics, marathon, Quizzes, and so many things. This will offer the students to participate and win the competition. However, it is a part of extracurricular activities. The more you increase your activities except for study, the better you can be tomorrow. However, it is the era of digital marketing.


2. You Can Express Your Expression:

Social media is a perfect platform for students. Mainly for those students who are introverted or who have a fear of expressing their opinion or expression. Many learners or freshers have many thoughts of being scared while they are expressing themselves. Social networking sites allow scholars to express their thoughts and opinions in innumerable ways. For example: posting blogs/ one can do blogging, photos, audio clips, articles, etc. This helps to break the cell of social anxiety in students and help them to explore their talents.

Social media has evolved decade-wise. Compared to an early age, it is very smooth to communicate with others nowadays. So, it is feasible for students to make more friends and communicate with others. At Least their depression or anxiety will execute from that.


3. Experience Global Culture:

Social media is a wide platform where students can connect with anyone on the globe. Especially when it comes to interacting with the people on such a huge platform, they get immense wisdom from it, which is wonderful. Even they get to know about the diverse cultures, lifestyles, food habits, languages, lifestyles, and many interesting things.

They can learn from recorded classroom videos not mandatory about their own nationality but also can learn from other nations’ learning institutes where students can share their ideas, plan, and thoughts. At this young age, students are getting a lot of opportunities via social media to gain enormous knowledge.


4. Job Opportunity For Job Seekers:

As we all know, students are facing issues like academic gaps. It is difficult for many college degree holders to get a job. Social media helps those job seekers who have no idea what to do next. Many

organization updates their job portals or openings on social media sites. Where they can notify and can apply to their job portal. These age students follow one popular social media platform, which is linked in. Freshers/ Experienced can apply for jobs or internships with whatever requirements they have.

Social media assists students in researching the company and getting much information about all the domains they are interested in. They can go through the reviews or comments posted by others. So job seekers can get an overview of the company. In this case, google ads are also helping students.


5. Social Media Promoting:

Students can do social media marketing via social sites. They can promote their college fest or activities they are participating in school or college. Every college or academic institute has a cultural festival every year at which time students can promote their fest to SM. Also, ensure students from other colleges participate.

Many scholars have many talents. Like some have the idea of crafting or some have the idea of artwork. They can give Facebook ads for their works on social media. It is the best and easiest way to advertise their activities on such a good platform.



I hereby established the fact after thorough research that social media is one of the biggest and wide platforms ever in history.  Social media has changed many habits of us like past times when people were looking for TV news or newspaper or for radio. The present time is totally different from younger to older. Every person is managing social media by the android system. Now everyone is looking into social media for updated posts.

Simultaneously everyone is addicted to social media. Sometimes we use these sites without necessity. Our time is spent chatting with friends, family, and many people. In this blog, I have discussed how especially students are getting help from social media. This means the above-listed points are benefits of social media too.

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