11 Factors to Follow to Develop Your Website SEO-Friendly

11 Factors to Follow to Develop Your Website SEO-Friendly

Launching a new online business or taking your business to the online world is a great aspect to build on your business targets. However, many people that think that creating a website and putting up all the info is enough to give them online presence and customers, and this is where they go wrong.

Your online reach isn’t defined merely your presence on the virtual platform. Most people search for products and services on Google and through other search engines. And they can only see your website or info in the search results only when your website is indexed, crawled and considered reliable and better than others. Here comes the power of SEO services (Search Engine Optimization), and this starts right with your website and not just by your marketing efforts.

So, when you are in consultation with a web development company in India for website creation, make sure the below mentioned factors are well addressed:

  1. Focus on How You are Creating the URLs

The URL structure is a ultimate priority for you and it must be well versed and easily recognizable and as per the guidelines laid down by Google. Create simplified and unique URLs for each page.

  • Target Valuable Keywords within Optimized Content

Keywords are which inform the search engines about what the content is all about. So, your work isn’t just gathering the right and valuable keywords for marketing content, but each and every page should be qualitatively optimized with proper and different sets of keywords.

  • Create XML Sitemap

This is one factor that Google puts a high value on. This helps search engines understand what the website structure is, and therefore determine which pages are more valuable and what you can gain from the website.

  • Create Your Website Responsive

Now people don’t just access websites and webpages from desktop but on their smartphones and tablets as well. Thereby, making your website responsive for all device types, you are ensuring high convenience for the users that search engines love.

  • Use Different Content Types

Not just text, but adding content like images (with alt tags), videos. Infographs, and other diverse content in your webpages mean that you are providing deep and rich information in multiple mediums that give better value to users and search engines.

  • Use Internal Linking for Better Indexing and Crawling

Google may not always be able to find all the pages on your website and thereby some great and valuable aspect of your website can be overlooked. Creating strategic internal linking on your website ensures that Google is able to index all the different pages easily and crawl these.

  • Optimize Header Tags

When ranking a page, Google and other search engines want to know what the page is all about and what value it can give with respect to the search query. This is why using optimized header tags, integrated with right and proper keywords will help you effectively.

  • Optimize Meta Tags and Descriptions

This is what you see alongside the links on search engine page results (SERPs). This is the basic info of that link, and helps not only the search engine but also the users about what they can find on that link, thus enhancing click chances.

  • Use Robots.txt

There are pages that you need crawled, and there pages that you need not crawled. And to tell websites what pages should not be crawled use robots.txt, and keep updating this.

  1. Optimize Each Webpage for Load Speed

The quicker the site or a webpage loads, the better usability it provides and the valuable it seems to a search engine. Right from optimizing images, other content type, and all the factors that lead to reducing the page load time, you must work on that.

  1. Avoid Penalty Factors

Right from avoiding using duplicate content, to avoiding keyword stuffing, there are several things that must be sidestepped in complete so your website doesn’t get penalized.

Your website is the identity of your business. And creating it in the best form that aligns with the SEO standards and aspects is a much needed thing on your part. And SEO isn’t one time factor, but you should work with a quality provider for SEO services in India that can keep your digital approach on the right track.


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