Steps On How To Make My Dog An Influencer

Steps On How To Make My Dog An Influencer

When going through your social media posts or even YouTube, you will definitely pause for a while and check the funny dog videos or pictures on your feed. If you are a dog parent and have been wondering whether and how to post all the funny activities that your furry friend does on a social media channel, we will give you the simple steps on how to be a pet influencer. Moreover, if you’re wondering how to make my dog an influencer, these steps will help you.

Step 1: Selecting the Right Platform

Every social media platform has its trends, specifications, algorithms, and growth opportunities. Therefore, it is best to find the social media platform you are comfortable working on and select the platform that aligns with your objective. Most social media platforms that have been building the carriers of dog influences are Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Are you wondering which platform would suit your dog to be an influencer? We recommend spending some time on each platform and getting a sense of the differences in the posts they offer. Following the content of other dog influencers will give you the creative understanding you would require to develop and find your tone. But remember to create something unique to your dog that would be interesting to others and help your dog stand out.


Step 2: Finding the Voice

just like for human influences, when you are thinking of how to make your dog an influencer, you have to remember it would take patience, strategy, and consistent quality posting. Indeed, at times a dog video can suddenly go viral, and the furry friend becomes a sensation, but in most cases, to make your furry friend and influencer would mean lots of work.

For instance, when you think of making how to make my dog an influencer through the platforms like TikTok and/or Instagram, you would have to make daily posts and engage with the followers almost every day.

Part of the process also includes finding the right voice and tone for the posts, which will be your dog’s voice. For instance, you can decide whether the dog’s voice will be silly, formal, educational, or general, like training advice or advice on everyday activities. It will also include whether the channel’s approach will be from the dog’s perspective or yours only.

You and your pet can succeed in all these, but being consistent with the voice and content is essential as it will help you connect with the audience. Also, try new content and experiment with it because it might resonate well with followers. Once in a while, amidst training videos, you can post the goofy nature of your pooch and see the audience’s reaction. Let your furry friend’s fun side get exposed to his/her fans too.


Step 3: Getting Quality Photos 

When we say getting quality photos, we don’t mean taking hiring professional photographers or investing in professional photography equipment. Instead, most smartphone cameras are equipped to capture beautiful photographs that can grab the viewers’ attention.

We recommend one simple strategy when taking pictures of your pooch for social media so they can become influencers – use natural lighting. Also, remember to stay away from messy backgrounds. Instead, find clean and crisp locations while highlighting your pooch.

Avoid taking the same types of pictures; instead, diversify them. For instance, post-action or a full-body photo while taking a portrait of your pet. Another pro tip is to take pictures at your dog’s eye level and not like you are staring down. It means you have to get down to the ground at times.


Step 4: Establishing Connections 

You must engage with other pooch influencers when you are planning to establish your four-legged friend. Just following them is not enough. You have to comment and connect with the content they post. Furthermore, you can’t comment on every post or content, but do acknowledge your furry friend’s comments.

Just like with human influencers, where the audience wants to connect with the content creators, they also want to establish a connection with your beloved pooch. So it will help the audience to come back to your pet.


Step 5: Using Right Hashtags 

When you are posting content, remember to use the right and a decent number of hashtags. Hashtags are vital as they help you be found quickly and connect easily with your followers. Added to this, they work as SEO machines with the right keywords to help circulate the posts.

Best way to find the right hashtags are to see what other creators are using and also search online for different hashtags that are dog-related. We also recommend you use at least 11 hashtags and mix the popular and less common ones. It will help the content to stand out.


Step 6: Collaborating With Brands & Others 

It is possible that you just want to showcase and share your dog with the audience. Still, part of becoming an influencer is collaborating with others, like different brands and influencers, and even having your pooch’s merchandise. As your pet becomes famous, it is possible that many would want to collaborate with you; while there are some legitimate ones, there are also scammers.

You have to be super careful with whom you collaborate, mainly regarding products. Since you love your baby so much, don’t just collaborate with any product because they offer free stuff. Instead, check the ingredients and only recommend them if you think they are safe. Any misstep with a product will be a sure shot of doom for your pooch’s influencing program.


Have Fun 

Lastly, don’t make the process tiring for yourself and your best friend. Remember, it is all part of having fun because no amount of free stuff, likes, comments, or other things are essential to your dog apart from the fun he/she has with you. So, enjoy the process. If you are looking for brands to collaborate with, contact Afluencer for your pooch influencer.

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