How To Setup Your Home Office

How To Setup Your Home Office

While it used to be unusual to be able to work from home, these days, it is the norm to be clocking in to work from the comfort of your own house. Many businesses had been able to offer this perk for years – the advent of the Internet made it so that instant and constant communication could ensure employees weren’t just messing about at home – but it was more of an occasional option before the pandemic.

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Now, after two years of lockdowns and isolations and being forced to work from home, many of us may never return to the office full time! Given that the home office seems to be a permanent staple in our lives, here are some key tips for setting up your domestic working space.


Have A Separate Set of Tech

If you’re lucky, you were supplied with a work laptop by your company – if so, make sure only to use that laptop for work and your own computer for personal reasons. This is crucial to your mental health, as your brain and body have a better sense of when it is work time and when it is rest time.

If you weren’t provided with a computer by your office – or if you are the boss at your home business – invest in a separate machine just for work for the same reasons. You can easily get laptops for home business that will be efficient and look stylish.


Make a Work-Specific Space

While it can be tempting to work on the couch or from your bed, this is not always conducive to good working habits. Nor does it make for a stylish and organized work setup!

Set up your work laptop on its own desk, ideally in a room that is different from the ones in which you sleep and eat. If that’s not possible in your space, at least keep a carefully designated space just for working. You could even consider buying a small but efficient new desk and putting it in a nice sunny corner of your kitchen or bedroom to encourage you to keep that healthy distinction between work and life!


Keep Things Clutter-Free

When you let the clutter of your daily life affect the sanctity of your office space, things can get messy – and confusing! – fast. Do yourself the favor of getting organized about what items belong to work and what items belong as a part of your home, and then keep it that way.

There’s no way to push this too far, either! You’ll be surprised how helpful it is for your head to have things as small as pens be separated by the labels of ‘work’ and ‘home.’ Once you’re in the habit of using a new set of things when you start working each day, you’ll find it easier to clock off at 5 pm.

Moving psychologically as well as physically from work to home will make it easier to genuinely relax in the home that is also your office!

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