How to Promote My Business Online for Free

For many individuals and companies marketing brings up images of expensive strategies for marketing and a huge expense. It doesn’t have to be costly. There are plenty of ways for free to promote your business. In this article we’ll discuss 30 ideas you can start doing today to promote your online business without cost.

With the plethora of companies competing to be noticed in the vast digital world, it can often feel like fighting for nothing particularly for those who are who are just beginning their journey.

It doesn’t have to be costly There are plenty of free methods of marketing your business. In this article we will share the top suggestions for marketing your business online for free 30 ways to do it actually. Here’s the deal.


Top 10 Ways to Grow Your Online Business

1.) Make Sure You Have Update Your GMB (Google My Business Listing)

Make changes to Your Google My Business listing and make sure that all information is correct. Sort the photos to ensure that only your top side is displayed. The same is true for your local listings on Bing as well as Yahoo. It’s also worth creating your Google reviews since they can help improve your ranking.

2)- Email Marketing

You’ve got the information and now you have to take action to make it work. Start by establishing an account free of charge with Mailchimp and then begin to distribute these emails. Avoid being too aggressive and always provide something valuable to recipients. Be sure to keep the Email Marketing consistent, but don’t overdo it, or the recipients will be more likely to unsubscribe than you could say “digital marketing”.

3. Create Website Traffic Using Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t suited to all businesses, but it could be extremely effective for certain. The site is among the top rate of conversion in terms of turning visitors into customers. It also allows you to generate substantial web traffic and learn more about the things your prospective customers like about it.

4)- Post to Facebook

It’s not a surprise that the use of social media has become among the most effective tools for marketing. It’s also free. FREE. It’s not advisable to start sign up to all social networks choose only those that are most appropriate for your company. Facebook is an option for most companies. The latest algorithm changes have made it more difficult than ever before for companies to get noticed on the news feed, without having to pay. You’ve got absolutely nothing at stake. Update regularly – be interesting and engaging, but avoid being too advertising, and make sure you’re fascinating.

5)- Create an Instagram Account

A well-known contender on the social networks, Instagram continues to grow its number of users. If your company could benefit from a strong visual presence ensure that you’re investing time in creating a solid Instagram account. It’s an interactive platform, which is why carefully selected content that is visually appealing is essential.

6)- Create your Network on LinkedIn

If your company is B2B, make certain to have a solid online presence through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also a fantastic platform to build your network. The same principles apply to LinkedIn as with other social networks Engage with people who are relevant and share your knowledge.

7)- Do Guest Post

In addition to writing content for your own website, make sure you incorporate guest blogging into your marketing plan. Be sure to choose top quality and relevant sites which have a high authority in the domain and no spam score. It’s a fantastic method to increase branding exposure, as well as creating links to your site.

8)-  Run Social Media Giveaways

Giving away prizes on social media is a guaranteed way of increasing engagement and creating new followers. It’s not just an excellent way to say thank you to current customers and customers, but it’s also a great method of contacting potential new customers. Although it’s not free because you’ll be required to offer some product and there’s no reason to invest any money over this. Make sure you follow all the guidelines for conducting an event.

09)-  Contribute to Blogs, Forums and Participate in Discussions

One of the most important aspects of marketing your business on the internet is to make yourself known as an expert in your field and as a authoritative voice. To establish an authority, spend the time to join relevant forums such as blogs, social media and discussions. Give genuine advice and respond to questions being asked. Your customers will appreciate your advice and, hopefully you will be able to convert them into customers.

10)-  Advertise Your Business on Online Directories

Check that your company is included in relevant directories online. There are some of the most well-known directories, like Yell, Yelp and Thomson Local however, there are many of other local or industry-specific directories. Make sure that you submit your listing to only those directories that have relevance to your business and make sure they’re not excessively crowded.