8 Simple Digital Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Stores

There was a time when all we did with technology was gaming, writing, painting or browsing. Those days shopping was not even on the technology to-do list. But things have changed rapidly, resulting in a time when online purchases, specifically called E-commerce, is in a phase of ‘forever boom’. With the Covid 19 scenario ruling the world, the e-commerce market has been busy churning out trillions and trillions of business.

Technology has definitely made things easy, but, using it to make your business easy is never easy. If it would have been easy, then why do every successful e-commerce business rely on a web development company for marketing? So, effective digital marketing is the key to success for every online business, which can only be carried out with the assistance of an e-commerce web development company. But, everything has a cheat code. So, let us have a look at some of the Digital Marketing Agency that can boost your e-commerce business.

1. Showcase Your Product

The online world is much faster than we think, and any product should quickly grab the attention and interest of the customer for a conversion. An attractive and flexible display of your product through some high resolution photographs can literally glue your customers on it.

2. Product Filtering

A majority of the customers in e-commerce platforms are looking for very specific products. So, always maintain an accurate product filtering feature, so that you don’t want them to lose interest in your business due to the complexity in finding their desired product.

3. More Delivery and Payment Options

The most successful e-commerce websites never limit their delivery or payment options to a few. The more options you provide the customers with, the quicker will be their act of decision making. Thereby, you can reduce the situation of cart abandonment. In a city like Dubai, where a whole lot of different customers live, this can make a lot of difference in your business.

But there are cases when the customer abandons the cart for some or the other reason, which may or may not concern your website. But the sure thing to do now is to send them a recovery email that navigates them to complete their transaction. Studies prove that almost thirty percent of recovery emails result in a purchase.

4. Wish Lists Speak

When you have a wish list on your e-commerce site, you get a clear idea of what the customer is looking for. This is the best way to generate personalised emails which can make the push for purchase easy.

5. Friendly Chatbots

Another way of ensuring personalised experience to your customers is by using chatbots to navigate them. Immediate questions may need immediate answers, and chatbots can help you very well with it. Even the problem solving process upto a limit gets easy with the help of chatbots.

6. Mobile Friendly

Customers nowadays are used to purchasing everything online through smartphones. If your e-commerce platform does not have a mobile friendly design, you are going to lose a large majority of online buyers. Thus, always have a mobile version which supports carting and purchasing in the simplest way possible. An e-commerce web designing company can help you come up with engaging mobile versions for your business.

7. Go Social

An e-commerce platform is not always the answer for a potential business. Social media is also emerging with a realm of new choices, which is why you should promote and facilitate the purchase of your products through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Now that we have seen what digital marketing does to your e-commerce store, you should definitely realise that the countries like UK, UAE, USA host enormous possibilities for online business if executed in the perfect way. In a phase where we are waiting for a double boom in online business, be the one which stands out above all other e-commerce platforms!