Medical Insurance for Foreigners in Ukraine

What is medical insurance policy for foreigners in Ukraine?

Health insurance policy is an assurance which provides immediate financial help in case when any medical emergency arises. It is a contract between a policyholder and the insurance company that allows you to compansate all the expenses which might occur due to illness, injury or accident. Ussualy such an expenses includes: transportation of the insured person to the hospital, medical and diagnostic procedures, purchase of medications, etc.

Who needs Health Insurance policy for visiting Ukraine?

A voluntary health insurance agreement is a necessary document for foreigners in a cases of:

  • obtaining any type of visa to Ukraine;
  • any reason entry into Ukraine;
  • obtaining or renewal of temporary residental permit (posvidka).

What are the requirements for health insurance policies for foreigners in Ukraine?

To apply for a visa:

The insurance sum must be at least 30 000 EUR;

The validity of an insurance policy is for entire duration of a visa.

To obtain a temporary residence permit:

The insurance sum must be at least 40 000 UAH;

The validity of an insurance policy is for entire duration of a residental permit.

For other cases:

The insurance sum must be at least 30 000 EUR;

The validity period of an insurance policy is for entire period of stay of the foreigner on the territory of Ukraine.

Is it possible to be insured for 13 months?

According to Ukrainian legislation, the maximum validity of any insurance agreement is one year. If you need to conclude an insurance policy for a period of 13 months, we can offer one annual policy and one policy for month. That means 12+1.

What medical services covered by this insurance?

  • Emergency medical care;
  • Emergency inpatient care;
  • Expenses related to the deportation of a foreigner.

Where I can obtain an insurance policy to get into Ukraine?

An insurance policy can be concluded online by using authorized web-service:

This resource has been successfully operating since 2020. Its quite user-friendly and works around-the-clock. To conclude an agreement, you need to have only a passport. All the procedure ussualy takes up to 5 minutes. By the first step you should  select an age of Insured person, then the purpose of travel, after that you need to choose a validity of an insurance agreement. Then just input your personal data and make a payment by any credit card. Immediately, after a successful transaction, an insurance policy will be sent to your e-mail. Then you can print it or save into smartphone.