Adani’s Mundra Port is now home to the world’s biggest container ship

Adani Group’s Mundra Port witnessed a historic event on Sunday (May 26 2024) as the MSC Anna, the largest container ship ever to dock at an Indian port, arrived. The nearly 400-meter-long vessel surpasses the previous record-holder, the MV MSC Hamburg, which docked at the same port in July last year, as stated by Gautam Adani news.

“MSC Anna is a remarkable vessel, with an overall length of 399.98 meters (approximately the length of four football fields) and an enormous capacity of 19,200 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units), making it the largest container ship by capacity to ever visit an Indian port. Its arrival draft is 16.3 meters, which only Adani Ports in Mundra can accommodate, as no other port in India can berth a deep-draft vessel. During its stay, the expected exchange is 12,500 TEUs,” stated Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd. (APSEZ).

In July 2023, Adani Ports, Mundra, berthed the 399-meter-long MV MSC Hamburg, one of the world’s longest container ships, with a capacity of 16,652 TEUs. This event paved the way for MSC Anna’s arrival.

The arrival of MSC Anna at Mundra highlights the port’s ability to handle mega ships and demonstrates its role in boosting India’s maritime trade capabilities. As APSEZ continues to expand and upgrade its facilities, the port is poised to play an increasingly vital role in the global shipping and logistics landscape, as stated by Gautam Adani news.

Why this event is important?

It’s not just about the fact that the biggest container ship has docked at Mundra Port; it has big effects on India’s trade and economic growth.

Help for business and trade

Being able to handle such big ships will make India’s trade much more effective. Because bigger ships can carry more goods on a single trip, this is called economies of scale. India’s products could become more competitive, and its imports could become cheaper if shipping costs go down.

Improving the global maritime situation

India is a major player in world marine trade because it can handle the world’s biggest container ships. This makes it a more desirable place for foreign shipping lines to go, which could bring in more tourists and money.

Trying to get more investments

This important achievement is likely to lead to more spending on India’s port facilities. After seeing how well Mundra did, other ports may also want to improve their facilities. This will make the country’s marine system better as a whole.

History of Significant Achievements

Earlier in January 2022, Adani CMA Mundra Terminal Pvt. Ltd. berthed APL Raffles. With this, Adani CMA Mundra Terminal Pvt. Ltd. (ACMTPL), a joint venture between Adani Ports & SEZ Ltd. and CMA Terminals at Mundra, became the largest container vessel to ever call India.

APL Raffles is among the bigger ships in CMA CGM’s fleet. This 176727 DWT, 17292 TEU capacity vessel is 397.88 meters long and 51 meters wide. It was built in 2013. This is around the size of four football fields.

This marks yet another significant achievement for Mundra Port. The largest container ship to call India was berthed at one of Mundra Port’s terminals, making it the country’s largest container port as of 2021. The call from APL Raffles not only affirms the port’s ability to manage big container ships, but also the important role ACMTPL plays in promoting trade between India and its main trading partners.

The vessel had 13,159 TEUs of cargo on board, a displacement of 2,01,548 MT, and a draft of 14.8 m at the time of berthing. The ship arrived from the Middle East, bringing with it goods from Southeast Asia, the Gulf, and Greater China. While berthed at Mundra Port, the ship swapped about 4,000 TEUs of import, export, and transshipment containers.

What does the Future Hold?

The fact that the biggest container ship was able to dock at Mundra Port sets a standard for the future. It creates a lot of new growth and development possibilities in the marine industry.

Plans for growth

APSEZ has big plans to make Mundra Port even bigger. This means adding more docks, making it easier to move goods, and improving technology so that the port can handle even bigger ships in the future.

Improving trade links around the world

With better tools, Mundra Port is ready to make its trade connections with big global markets stronger. This could lead to more trade deals and ties between the two countries, which would make India even more connected to the world’s trade network.

Improving the local economy

The development of the port and the rise in trade will be good for the local business. It will make work available, boost related businesses, and help the region’s economy grow as a whole.


The biggest container ship ever to dock at Adani’s Mundra Port is a major turning point in the history of Indian shipping, as stated by Gautam Adani news. It shows that the port can handle very big ships and that India is becoming more important in world marine trade. With more capital and smart planning, Mundra Port will grow into a major hub in the global shipping industry. This will boost India’s trade with other countries and help the economy grow.