5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing sends a commercial message, usually to a group of people, via email. It involves the use of email to send announcements, request business, or solicit sales or donations. Email marketing services typically focus on achieving one or more of the three main goals of building loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

More goals your email campaign can achieve:

  • Generate traffic
  • Client Awareness
  • Leads Generation
  • Generate income

Create a goal for the campaign:

While Email Marketing is a relatively low risk activity, you won’t send emails for the sake of sending them. In other words, you won’t be successful just because you selected it from your to-do list. Instead, be aware of what you want to get out of your emails, as it helps you reach the right audience and create the right emails. For example, if you know you want to move prospects from MQL to SQL, you can create a segment from MQL and create content that is informative and compelling enough to bring them closer to a buying decision.

Start with a project brief:

A workbook helps you keep track of everything you need to do in your email marketing strategy. From the work you do with your email strategy and assets, to campaign goals and results, a workbook is all you need to keep track of all your email marketing assets. You can choose from the project templates available online or create your own. However, if you are designing with your template, please include the specific criteria below:

  • Dates and deadlines for sending emails
  • Goals to be achieved and measure its success
  • Your target audience
  • Activate as email form, landing page, template and segmentation name, etc.
  • Groups within your team that create the email campaign
  • Envelope fields with form names and e-mail addresses, sample text and subject line
  • A copy of your email links to include and a call to action

Use a comprehensive email generator:

Once you’ve written the copy of your emails, you’ll want to expand them into whatever email software you want to use.

There are several sites for email marketing depending on your choice including Hub Spot, Mail Chimp, Pebbly Email Marketing, and Constant Contact. A comprehensive email generator allows you to create, optimize and customize your own email campaigns without any technical or graphical experience.

Use an email scheduling template:

It is imperative to make a plan before emailing your entire customer database. That’s why Hub Spot created this free email scheduling template to help you decide who to email to, who to remove from your contact list, and what your email is. Download the template now to organize your email campaign plan.

Write a copy that works for Client:

Once you know the purpose of each email you send and have the subject lines, you can write the copy that will engage your list. Determine where your audience is on their buying journey, and offer the type of content they find useful. For example, there is no point in promoting products if you are emailing a segment of subscribers who are largely in the awareness phase of the buying journey.

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